EU Citizens' Assemblies

Since 2021, randomly selected citizens' assemblies have also been actively used in the European Union. Here is an overview.

Citizens' Panel on Energy Efficiency

European Commission

How do we heat our buildings? Which household appliances do we buy? What means of transport do we use? On 14 April 2024, the EU Citizens' Forum on Energy Efficiency adopted its recommendations. More

Citizens' Panel "Tackling hate in society"

European Commission

On 5 April 2024, a Citizens' Panel against hatred in society will begin in Brussels. The question: What can we do about hate and how can we enhance mutual respect in our societies? More

Citizens' Panel on Learning Mobility

European Commission

21 recommendations for more mobility in education are the result of a EU Citizens' Panel that ended on 30 April 2023. More

Citizens' Panel "Virtual Worlds"

European Commission

What should the future of virtual worlds in the European Union look like? A Citizens' Panel adopted its recommendations on 23 April 2023. More

Citizens' Panel on Food Waste

European Commission

On 12 February 2023, an EU Citizens' Panel adopted 23 recommendations to curb food waste in the European Union. More

Citizens' Panels on the Future of Europe

As part of the Conference on the Future of Europe,four citizens' panels discussed the future of the European Union in order to jointly formulate recommendations for action. More