Citizens' Assemblies

Federal citizens' assemblies

In Germany, nine citizens' assemblies have been held at the federal level from 2019 to date. You can find all the assemblies in our overview. More

Citizens' assemblies on state level

Landtag Baden-Württemberg

What is going on with sortition-based democracy in the German federal states? Take a look at our overview. More.

Local citizens' assemblies

Landeshauptstadt Düsseldorf / Ingo Lammert

In Germany, the number of local randomly selected citizens' assemblies is growing, as are the initiatives to set them up. Here is an overview. More

EU citizens' assemblies

EP / Mathieu Cugnot

Since 2021, randomly selected citizens' assemblies have also been actively used in the European Union. More

Citizens' assemblies worldwide

Bürgerrat "Bildung und Lernen"

Citizens' assemblies are used in many places around the world. Here, you can find an overview of the citizens' assemblies we know of in recent years. More


The "Losland" project accompanies municipalities throughout Germany in shaping their grandchild-friendly future. A central approach are randomly selected citizens' assemblies. More

Hallo Bundestag

As part of the "Hello Bundestag" project, the "Es geht LOS" association brought together randomly selected people from a Bundestag constituency to spend a day talking to each other and the constituency MPs. More