Permanent climate assembly in Brussels


The world's first permanent climate assembly began its work in Brussels on 3 February 2023. It will permanently accompany and co-determine local climate policy. More

Party funding: "We need to talk"

In Belgium, the reform of party funding is politically deadlocked. A group of think tanks and the citizens' platform G1000 are therefore jointly launching the citizens' debate "We Need To Talk". More

Developing Copenhagen together

We Do Democracy

The City of Copenhagen is the first Danish municipality to introduce a longer-term citizens' jury. Together with Brussels and Paris, the Danish capital is an international pioneer. More 

MPs and random citizens in the same boat

Ssolbergj / Wikimedia

Since 2 February 2023, so-called "Deliberative Committees" can be formed in the parliament of the Walloon Region in Belgium, consisting of MPs and randomly selected citizens. More

Citizens' Forum wants to strengthen agriculture

Staatsministerium Baden-Württemberg

In the German state of Baden-Württemberg, a randomly selected citizens' forum on the future of agriculture presented its final report with concrete recommendations to the state government on 16 January 2023. More

Bundestag invites tenders for citizens' assemblies

The German Bundestag wants to convene three randomly randomly selected citizens' assemblies on federal policy issues by the end of 2024. On 23 December 2022, the parliamentary administration published the call for tenders to hold the mini publics. More

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