Parties in favour of citizens' assemblies

All but one party represented in the German Bundestag are in favour of establishing randomly selected citizens' assemblies at the federal level. This is shown by a survey conducted by the initiative "Klima-Mitbestimmung.JETZT!" More

Citizens' assembly recommends Covid-19 measures

Thuringia's Minister of Justice Dirk Adams presented the first results of the randomly selected citizens' forum Covid-19 on 14 September 2021. More

Random selection instead of election?

The ancient Greeks had an inexpensive technique against corruption, abuse of power and arrogance that also created political equality: sortition. Can democracy by lot also work in today's modern world? The TV channel arte reports on the background. More

"Like winning the lottery"

Martin Coordes and Urte Stahl took part in the German Citizens' Assembly on Democracy in 2019 as randomly selected members.Timo Rieg interviewed them in his podcast "?Macht:Los!" about their experiences More

Citizens' juries on village development

Where does the South Tyrolean village of Schenna stand today? And how does the community want to develop in the future? These and similar questions are to be discussed by the citizens of Schenna in randomly selected citizens' juries. More

Berlin parties advocate sortition

Mehr Demokratie asked the Berlin parties about their attitude to randomly selected citizens' assemblies. Here are the answers. More

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