Democracy is not a monument, but a constantly evolving system - formed and sustained by people. It is therefore a sign of strength when democratic institutions respond to new challenges and opportunities.

In order to keep democracy alive, it makes sense to review it again and again and, if necessary, to supplement or adapt it. Depending on the political problem to be solved, the appropriate instruments and institutions have to be defined. In order to strengthen trust and connection between politics and the population, a promising democracy instrument is being discussed and already applied in Germany: Sortition-based citizens' assemblies.

Together with partners, Mehr Demokratie has initiated the first two nationwide sortition-based citizens' assemblies (on democracy and Germany's role in the world) and advised the third citizens' assembly (on climate change). This brochure "Sortition-based Citizens' Assemblies in Germany - Experiences and Recommendations" summarises the experiences, findings and recommendations on randomly selected citizens' assemblies to date.