What are citizens' assemblies?

The special thing about citizens' assemblies is that the participants are random selected from the population. Their task is to jointly propose solutions to political problems. More

How do citizens' assemblies work?

From preparation to implementation of results, a citizens' council goes through various stages. We explain the process. More

What are the benefits of citizens' assemblies?

Citizens' assemblies have many positive effects on democracy and politics. We have compiled an overview of the arguments in favour of sortition. More

Quality standards for citizens' assemblies

What makes a good citizens' assembly? The most important quality criteria at a glance. More


A leaflet and various brochures inform you about randomly selected citizens' assemblies. More

Citizens' Assembly Network

In the Citizens' Assembly Network, representatives from citizens' initiatives, science, administration and politics as well as mini-public organisers and participants exchange views on municipal citizens' assemblies. More


Christoph Scholz / Flickr (CC BY 4.0)

Our links to initiatives and institutions dealing with this instrument of democracy in many countries show that citizens' assemblies are attracting interest worldwide. More