Hallo Bundestag

Who knows their MP(s) in the German Bundestag? How often do we have real contact with politicians? How do MPs get a good picture of what concerns people in their constituency? And how can politicians incorporate the opinions of many different people into their decisions in a meaningful way? These questions are at the centre of the Hallo Bundestag project.

As part of this project, the NGO "Es geht LOS" brings together randomly selected people from a Bundestag constituency to spend a day in dialogue with each other. The results of their discussions are discussed with the MPs. This gives participants the opportunity to play an active role in shaping politics.

Hallo Bundestag is not just about bringing people together by random selection and working out recommendations together. It's also about enriching representative democracy through the use of sortition. That is why the dialogue between MPs and randomly selected people at a constituency day is a central part of the process.

The constituency days take place in selected Bundestag constituencies throughout Germany.

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