EU Citizens' Panel recommends climate action

12. January 2022
Democracy International

As part of the Conference on the Future of Europe, the randomly selected Citizens' Panel on Climate Change, Environment and Health met for the third and final time in Warsaw from 7 to 9 January 2022. Around 200 European citizens of different ages and backgrounds from all Member States adopted their 51 recommendations on the climate, environment and health challenges facing Europe. The proposals revolve around better lifestyles, protecting the environment and health, reorienting the economy and consumption towards a sustainable society and care for all.

Forum participants recommend, for example, EU subsidies for organic farming and the promotion of vertical farming, where crops are grown in layers one above the other. Another suggestion is minimum standards for food quality in school canteens, and food production should become part of public education.

Urban development and cycling

Furthermore, an EU directive on urban development was recommended to make cities greener. Forum participants also wanted more support for cyclists and investment in new cycle paths.

With regard to the protection of the environment and health, the Citizens' Panel suggests a uniform labelling system that shows the entire ecological footprint of products purchased in the EU, as well as labelling that indicates the use of hormonal substances in food. Another recommendation for action is higher taxes on unhealthy food and a Europe-wide points system for healthy food.


In addition, the use of chemical pesticides and fertilisers should be drastically reduced. To protect biodiversity, citizens demand the expansion of protected areas as well as rapid and massive reforestation. Intensive livestock farming should be phased out.

The recommendations of the European Citizens' Panel will be presented and discussed at the plenary session of the conference, where the final proposals of the conference will be further elaborated.

Citizens members of the Conference Plenary

80 citizens (20 from each of the European Citizens' Panels, at least one third of whom are between 16 and 25 years old) are members of the Conference Plenary. There they will present the results of their respective panel discussions and debate with Members of the European Parliament, national government and parliamentary representatives, EU Commissioners and other plenary members from EU institutions, regional and local authorities, social partners and civil society.

The Conference Plenary met on 25-26 March and 8-9 April 2022 to develop proposals for EU action based on the ideas submitted on the Conference Platform and the recommendations of the Citizens' Forums.

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