Citizens‘ Assembly handed over its report

The Citizens‘ Assembly on Democracy handed over its report with 22 specific recommendations for strengthening the German democracy to the President of the German Bundestag, Wolfgang Schäuble, on the Day for Democracy, 15 November 2019. [read more]

The citizens' assembly

The citizens’ assembly is at the heart of our democratic experiment. In a secured space, people selected by lot discuss how our democracy should continue. People who would otherwise never enter into conversation together sit alongside each other to discuss fundamental questions. Those who would otherwise remain silent are given the opportunity to have their say. [read more]

How sortition works

The citizens’ assembly for democracy is designed as a nationwide process. Anyone with German citizenship aged 16 and over is eligible to participate. When drawing from the sample of citizens, it must be certain that all potential participants theoretically have the chance to be selected. [read more]