Randomly selected Frankfurters discussed climate policy

31. October 2021 Uhr
Denniz Möbus

What does climate protection mean in concrete terms for Frankfurt am Main? What is already happening? Where do we still need to make improvements? How do we implement climate justice? These and other questions were the focus of the second randomly drawn Democracy Convention, which took place from 30 October to 21 November 2021.

For this citizens' assembly, the association "Mehr als Wählen" (More than voting) brought together various Frankfurt citizens to let them discuss the topic from a comprehensive perspective. Two-thirds of the participants were randomly selected, and one-third were actively included by underrepresented groups. Thus, different political and civil society actors, experts and stakeholders were part of the process in order to cover as broad a field as possible. After all, climate policy touches on numerous other areas. For example, transport, education, construction or housing policy.

Democracy Convention delayed because of COVID-19

50 participants have been working out recommendations to the city government. In addition to several successful climate protection projects from Germany and abroad, the energy department, numerous city councillors, the participation and environment officers and the mayor were also present. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic and the necessary hygiene measures, this time Originally planned for autumn 2020, the Democracy Convention had to be postponed several times.

"It is nice that it can now continue. We are pleased that the city government is again financially supporting this format and welcome the intention of a long-term establishment as stated in the coalition agreement - because democracy needs diverse spaces of participation and that for all people," said Katharina Liesenberg, board member of "More than Voting".

"Such initiatives make our democracy stronger"

Patron and Lord Mayor Peter Feldmann underlined this: "The Democracy Convention is an attractive, well thought-out participation format: there can't be enough of such initiatives these days - they make our democracy stronger". The continuation of the Democracy Convention was at the same time one of the demands that Frankfurt's citizens themselves formulated in their recommendation at the first Democracy Convention in 2019. In addition to a guideline process for better citizen participation and a central staff unit, the idea of the "Democracy Wagon" has now also been successfully launched.

A successful climate policy must be future-oriented as well as sustainable and socially just. To achieve this, a joint negotiation process is needed, which "Mehr als Wählen" would like to support with the Democracy Covention. The concrete results were handed over to the responsible department heads Rosemarie Heilig, Department for the Environment, Climate Protection and Women, and Eileen O'Sullivan, Department for Digitalisation, Citizen:in Service and Participation, on 21 November 2021. The recommendations based on this are to be presented in February 2022 at a separate press conference with several members of the magistrate's office. They will then be presented to the departments as well as the city council and discussed in the committees.

Support by cooperation partners

After the first Democracy Convention in 2019 on the topic of citizen participation, the second Frankfurt Democracy Convention was once again supported by a number of cooperation partners: for example, the VGF Frankfurt, which as an official mobility partner guarantees free travel to and from the event by local public transport. In addition, the Palmengarten Frankfurt, the Anne Frank Educational Centre, the Frankfurt Zoo, the Skyliners Frankfurt, and many more enabled a broad connection back to the city society through their cultural vouchers.

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