Randomly selected Citizens' Advisory Council on Health

07. October 2021 Uhr

The randomly selected citizens' advisory board Health Region PLUS Dachau District started with a kick-off event on 6 October 2021. The advisory board is to develop recommendations for the further development of health care and nursing in the Bavarian district.

Within the framework of this citizen participation, the different perspectives of the 17 municipalities of the Dachau district are to enrich and fuel the discussions in the citizens' advisory board. In this way, the real conditions, experiences and needs are to be recorded, which will then flow into the results of the citizens' advisory council.

Important experience for participation procedures

The Citizens' Advisory Council is also intended to collect, evaluate and process important experiences for participation procedures in the field of health as well as other central social issues for other regions of Bavaria.

"The citizens' advisory council is a new milestone in regional health care. In the district of Dachau, citizens can now get directly involved and work out regional solutions. In this way, we are using the experiences and suggestions of local citizens - for the benefit of all," said Bavarian Health Minister Klaus Holetschek at the launch.

Project of the Minister of Health and the Ombudsman

The project "Citizen Participation in Health" was jointly initiated by Health Minister Holetschek and the Ombudsman of the Bavarian State Government, Michael Hofmann. The project is funded with 310,000 euros.

The Ombudsman is pleased with the initiative: "The health care system and its mechanisms are opaque to many. A coordinated exchange and the involvement of citizens is particularly important in the most sensitive of all topics. This Health Regionsplus project will take us an important step forward!". Hofmann sees real participation as the first building block for change that is oriented towards people's needs. "This is happening here in the district first, but the citizens' advisory council will draw circles and spark a lot of commitment," the ombudsman is sure.

30 randomly selected advisory board members

In the Citizens' Advisory Council on Health, 30 citizens voluntarily discuss health issues that are important in the district of Dachau. At the end, the randomly selected participants formulate recommendations on these issues.

The members of the citizens' advisory council were randomly selected from the residents' registers. This procedure ensures that the composition of the citizens' advisory board is as diverse and colourful as the population in the district of Dachau.

Use of practical knowledge

Through random selection, the practical knowledge of those who, for example, as patients, as relatives or as people who depend on care, is used directly for improvements and innovative ideas. This perspective is still very little represented in the health sector.

The members of the Citizens' Advisory Council are not health professionals. People deliberately bring in experiences from their everyday lives and can thus complement the expert view.

Advisory board meets until June 2022

The Citizens' Advisory Council on Health will meet approximately once a month from October 2021 to June 2022. It is planned that the eleven meetings will take place alternately digitally and in person. Approximately two to three meetings are planned for each individual topic.

The Citizens' Advisory Council will mainly deal with the topics of medical care and nursing care in the district of Dachau. In a first step, the citizens of the district of Dachau decided what the focal points will be. There were various opportunities for participation: In an information event for interested parties and stakeholders in the district, initial suggestions were made. On this basis, an online survey open to all citizens took place in summer 2021. Taking the results of the survey into account, the citizens' advisory councils make the decision on the topics.

Prior knowledge not necessary

There is only one exception at the start: to ensure that the citizens' advisory council gets off to a good start, the first topic has already been determined: The provision of family doctors. It was mentioned as very relevant in all preliminary discussions.

Participants don't need any previous knowledge to participate in the Citizens' Advisory Council on Health. However, in order to be able to make recommendations, a good basis of information is necessary. This is provided in the meetings of the Citizens' Advisory Council. This can be done through an introductory lecture by an expert, or through a video that explains things clearly, or even in the context of a walk-through. In any case, it is ensured that the information is generally comprehensible and not one-sided, so that no boredom arises.

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