About citizens' assemblies

Simply put - citizens' assembly

Citizens' Assembly? What is it? How can people selected at random play a role in politics? And what is the point of it at all? In this talk, Miriam Münchmeyer explains citizens' assemblies in easy-to-understand German. To do this, she spoke with people who have already participated in a citizens' assembly. Listen on Soundcloud

What are citizens' assemblies?

The special thing about citizens' assemblies is that the participants are random selected from the population. Their task is to jointly propose solutions to political problems. More

How do citizens' assemblies work?

From preparation to implementation of results, a citizens' council goes through various stages. We explain the process. More

What are the benefits of citizens' assemblies?

Citizens' assemblies have many positive effects on democracy and politics. We have compiled an overview of the arguments in favour of sortition. More

Quality standards for citizens' assemblies

In a study in 2020 the OECD defined guiding principles for citizens' assemblies. Supplemented by the findings and research on the citizens' assemblies in Germany, some quality standards emerge. More